Tony Ratterman's J. B. Ratterman & Sons Funerals and Family Cremation Care

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Traditional Funerals: 

We offer five Traditional Funeral plans,  all of which can conclude with burial or cremation. Our very reasonable prices include Visitors Register, Memorial Folders and either Funeral Coach to a local Cemetery or, for cremation, the Crematory Fee. 

City-wide Smart-priced Funeral Service Options
  • Value Plan: Both Visitation and Funeral Ceremony are held on the same day prior to 3 pm. 
  • Private Value Plan:... save $1000 
  • Private Two hour morning visitation & funeral ceremony held at our funeral home:... save $ 1250                 
  •  Evening Plan: Provides Daytime Visitation followed by Evening Funeral Ceremony.
  • Louisville Traditional Funeral Plan: One- Day Visitation followed by next day Funeral Ceremony.
  • Prearrangement of services start at $49.00/ month
Everything Held at  Church

Everything Held at  Church  

When a brief Visitation and Funeral Ceremony are both held at one's church, cost is minimized and spiritual benefits are gained.  (Church Honorariums vary)


Tony Ratterman's  Direct Cremation Service 
  • A. "I just want Cremation": save $195. Price includes Cremation Container  & Crematory Fee 
  • B. Simple Cremation Plan and 2-hour private family gathering time before cremation. Use of coffee lounge and all funeral home amenities included  Music and funeral prayers can conclude this important family time. Please note that loved-one's body is not embalmed.
  • Pre-arrangement of services start at $49.00/ month

We hope that our professional care for the appearance of your loved-one brings a sense of peace and relief to your family. We also hope that your family feels the warmth of welcome while in our care; and that you find our cost of services to be both reasonable and pleasingly affordable.

Prearrangement Always Helps!

And at $49/month a  sure, purposeful start to honoring a life well lived is begun. Call (502) 776-4661 for details! 

We appreciate being of special assistance to you during this difficult time, Let us know how we can help.