Honoring Life

Honoring the achievements of your loved ones and celebrating the life you shared together are the cornerstones of healing after loss.

It's All about the Relationship

Why is “FAMILY” The Focus of Traditional Cremation Funeral Care ?

1.  “Family” that group of people who hold perpetual title to us, is the most important class of people in our emotional life.  This group is easily the preferred “go-to-group” for one’s own personal anxieties to be safely vented, validated and resolved…That “love conquers all” is a saying rooted in family love and acceptance…(After the loss of a loved-one, other “like-family” groups will also often provide important emotional shelter and peace of mind support.)…Our own emotional health and well-being is always supported by family and “like-family” groups.

2.  It is though the family’s physical sharing of hugs, tears, and laughter that the mystery of reconciliation seems to occur.  Emotional relief is rooted in love and supported by the passage of time.  It will not be hurried; but it can be anticipated and counted on as life’s new order is allowed to be.

3.  Private Family Cremation Care can be offered to accompany Direct Cremation Services.  These additional services provide an opportunity for the family group to physically unite; body, mind and spirit.  Not until the physical connection is made does the family’s spiritual work of validating a shared reality and affirming a shared future begin.  Physical family connection is essential to setting the stage for healing after the loss of a loved-one


Present day American Funeral Service has its beginnings in the middle of the nineteenth century when deceased loved ones were prepared for burial by their local undertaker, then returned home to lay in-state until time for the funeral ceremony and burial.  It was a time when family and friends gathered together for support and oneness at life’s most difficult family event, the loss of one of their own.

Since the early twentieth century, local funeral homes have served as American’s safe place for difficult family encounters at life’s most difficult family time.

We see in today’s Direct Cremation practice, an opportunity to return to those inner community roots by preparing the loved one’s earthly body (prior to the cremation process) for a private family “last good-bye” and gathering time.  That gathering time is best provided by the family’s local funeral home.